The difference between cheap and expensive car tires


This is only the second week of November, but if you read this article in the United States, you are likely to encounter winter weather. This is the best time to remind you that if you live in a place where it often snows, there is no substitute for running special winter tires. It doesn't matter whether you have the best all-season tires on the largest SUV, because when it comes to avoiding accidents, turning and stopping are far more important than acceleration. In fact, in this case, a heavy off-road SUV may be more difficult to control than something with two-wheel drive and decent snow tires, but this is the subject of another article.


Today, we are talking about the difference between dedicated winter tires, especially high-end snow tires and reasonably priced alternative tires. There must be some variables here, because different tires may specifically play different roles, such as snow traction, deep snow, or emphasizing dry/wet conditions in the case of occasional snow. In this case, the test used the Nokia WR Snowproof for the Tristar Snowpower 2, which you might guess is a premium tire.

Both brands are called full-featured snow tires, but it was immediately discovered that Nokain took a more aggressive approach than the smoother patterns on the Tristar. In addition, the test also evaluated two different sizes of tires on two cars-the 205/55 16s small tire on the Volkswagen Golf and the large 245/45 18-inch tire on the Volvo S90. For ice and snow traction, smaller tires are usually better, but this is also a topic of different times.

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