China's mold enterprises how to reduce mold costs?


First, the purchase quality of Yishengbai, Longji, etc. is relatively guaranteed, but the price is too high.

The second and third-level suppliers are found. On the surface, the price is cheap and the delivery is very timely, but abnormal materials often occur. The cost is higher, and the delay in delivery, the consequences can not be estimated. Are there really tens of thousands of imported die steel agents and distributors in China? Why can't the certificates and relevant certificates provided by them stand up to scrutiny at all? Why is the quality acceptable at the beginning of cooperation, but not good after a while? Why is the price difference of die steel of the same brand several tens of yuan? What's the secret in this? After reading this email, you will understand the strange situation of die steel in China today.

With the continuous improvement of

Jilin Yuxing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. China's die steel smelting technology, and because some large steel mills have introduced advanced production lines from abroad, my country has already possessed high-quality die steel. Technology and equipment. Famous foreign steel mills and agents in order to reduce costs and increase production capacity, these domestic steel mills have become their foundries, the production of die steel directly marked on the mainland sales, some shipped to Hong Kong, Taiwan... So the so-called most of the imported steel is "MADEINCHINA".

Due to the large number of domestic mold steel production enterprises, in order to reduce costs, improve the competitiveness of the industry, while meeting the general requirements of the mold of a large demand for steel, these steel mills often produce lower-grade electric furnace refined steel, the proportion of electroslag remelting is very small, these electric furnace refined steel flow to China's tens of thousands of mold steel companies. These products are often uneven distribution, coarse grain, material composition is not up to standard, often appear cracks, sand holes, pitting, deformation after processing, burst, or short service life of the mold and other problems, in precision mold production is frequent accidents. As a result, the concept of many users has changed, from the original feeling that the price is cheap to buy agents such as Yishengbai and Longji, but they are faced with increased costs, short payment periods, and unsatisfactory after-sales service.

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