China's Machine Tool Industry Must Solve Three Major Problems


Quality Problem
For a long time, all countries in the world have attached great importance to quality in the fierce competition. In comparison, the performance of Chinese machine tools in quality is not satisfactory.
The most illustrative data is that the accuracy of machine tools in the world is rapidly improving and marching into the nanometer level. Japan has set off a wave of development of nanotechnology. The positioning accuracy of machining centers in the world has generally exceeded ± 5μm, and some have reached ± 3μm, ± 2μm, ± 1μm, while the positioning accuracy of similar products in China is below ± 8μm. The improvement of the accuracy of the
machine tool depends on hard work, relying on high-quality talents and high-precision equipment. This, however, is clearly not available in the Chinese machine tool industry. In the 1960 s, China made some efforts in the development of high-precision machine tools, and achieved great results. There were some factories at the time, and a group of experts and skilled workers emerged, but now these companies have declined. The entire machine tool industry in the development of high-precision precision machine tools, although it can not be said to be a successor, but also a serious lack of stamina. On the whole, the gap with the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries is gradually widening. In the future development of high-precision machine tool products, this will be a very fatal event.
quality can ensure the improvement of the accuracy of the machine tool, and can ensure the reliability and stability of the machine tool in use. For a long time, due to the mediocre performance of China's machine tool industry in quality, the reliability and stability of domestic machine tools are poor.

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