Scientific and technological innovation: executable die inclined plane continuous Jilin punching die technology


The purpose and significance of project research

Mold is the foundation of current industrial development, carrying and supporting all industrial development. In today's industrial development, no matter which industry and which variety are inseparable from the role of the mold, such as: automotive, electronics, food production and processing industries and fields, are inseparable from the mold. Due to the different industries and products, the mold also exists in a variety of ways, and its types are also diverse. Traditionally, there are: stamping, shearing, punching, stretching, forming, etc. applied to various uses of the mold. The type of die often used in the processing of punching die room products is to form a through hole by punching the material belt or workpiece. In the existing Jilin punching die, the punching needle is generally installed in the upper die, and the lower die is provided with a hole for accommodating the descending punching needle. When the upper die is pressed down, the punching needle passes through the material to be punched and enters the holder with the hole on the lower die, thus realizing the whole punching process and completing the punching. However, the punching positions of some existing workpieces are not on the same horizontal plane as the workpiece body. For example, the punching part is located on the bending part of the workpiece at a certain angle to the workpiece body. Generally, the bending part is an inclined plane. At this time, the traditional punching die cannot continuously move, so continuous punching of workpieces with such structures cannot be performed in batches.

Since the traditional four-flat punching die manufacturer's punching die cannot complete the automatic displacement when the punching part is located on an inclined plane of the component at a certain angle to the horizontal plane, continuous punching cannot be realized. The production of workpieces can only be achieved by multiple stamping or manual stamping. This causes the difficulty of punching the inclined workpiece, the production efficiency is low and the punching accuracy is difficult to guarantee, resulting in a large quality deviation, which cannot be guaranteed. Due to the lack of bevel stamping technology, the production efficiency is low and the quality can not be guaranteed, resulting in high waste and loss, high production costs.

Research and development content and objectives, expected results and main technologies, technological innovation points, economic indicators

1. Research and development content and objectives:

This project is aimed at the research and development of punching dies, especially the defects of punching dies on the bending or inclined plane of workpieces, solving the problem that the mold is difficult to continuously punch holes on the tool bending or inclined plane, designing and developing new technical products, and realizing that it can be batch-wise is of great significance to improve the production efficiency of products.

In order to realize and solve the above problems and achieve the purpose of project research, the technical products include:

1. The developed mold includes: an upper mold and a lower mold, and a floating guide ruler for clamping and guiding the workpiece is arranged on the lower mold; An inclined wedge holding block is fixed on the upper mold, and an inclined sliding block is arranged on the holding block, and the punching needle is installed on the inclined sliding block;

2. The lower die is provided with an inclined wedge driving block that can push the sliding block to slide and drive the punching needle to punch holes.

This technical product can hoist the workpiece to be punched on the floating guide ruler, and then drive the slider to move diagonally through the downward pressure of the upper die, so that the punching needle on the slider moves diagonally to the punching position for punching, thus realizing the punching operation on the curved part of the upper inclined plane of the workpiece.

2. Four Flat Punching Die Manufacturer Technical Innovation Points:

. The lower module is designed to clamp and guide the floating guide ruler of the workpiece, which plays the role of hoisting the stamping parts and ensures the adjustability and accuracy of the stamping position of the inclined plane of the stamping parts.

2, upper die design oblique keep fast and oblique sliding block and oblique wedge drive block, the punching needle is installed on the oblique sliding block, and the oblique punching operation of the punching needle is realized through the oblique wedge driving block. Main technical indexes and economic indexes of


, floating guide ruler for clamping and guiding the workpiece is designed on the lower die;

2, the upper die is fixed with a wedge holding block, and the holding block is provided with an oblique slider;

3, the punching needle is installed on the oblique sliding block;

4, the oblique wedge driving block that pushes the sliding block to slide and drive the punching of the punching needle is arranged on the lower mold;

5, this technical product can improve the bevel punching efficiency of the mold by more than 50%;

6, production process pass rate increased by 30%

7, raw material loss rate reduced by more than 20%.

Research on experimental methods, procedures, technical lines

According to the market development trend, market-oriented, in order to meet actual needs, according to the current shortcomings of die punching equipment and technology, especially the backwardness of bevel punching die technology, it has brought huge pressure to production enterprises. The traditional bevel punching die is inefficient and cannot realize automatic continuous punching, in addition, the high scrap rate and unqualified rate, resulting in high costs for enterprises, has been difficult to maintain the status quo.

1, structural design: lower die modification design, setting up floating guide ruler for clamping and guiding the workpiece, inclined wedge holding block, sliding block, inclined wedge driving block, etc. to realize the mechanical structure of inclined plane punching;

, process design: the workpiece to be punched is hoisted on the floating guide ruler, and the slider drives the inclined movement to drive the punching needle to punch obliquely by pressing down the upper die, to achieve oblique punching operation.

Economic and Social Benefits and Application Prospects

This project is based on the existing technology to improve and improve according to the actual problems fed back by customers, abandon the old technology in the past, redesign and develop, solve the problems that could not be realized in the past, and play a great role in improving production efficiency and ensuring product quality.

This project has developed a process technology that can realize continuous die bevel punching to meet the rapid development of the current society and industry, to achieve the purpose of improving efficiency and ensuring product quality in the process, and reducing scrap rate and loss.

Compared with the traditional process, the efficiency of this technology product is improved by more than 50%, realizing continuous and rapid bevel stamping operation. The loss and waste of resources and materials have been reduced by more than 20%. The qualified rate of products has been increased by more than 30%. In particular, the realization of continuous stamping process, completely breaking the traditional production methods in the past, is a major progress in the field of punching die inclined plane, realizing the leap from semi-automatic to automatic. On the one hand, it provides economic guarantee for the development and progress of the enterprise, and also enhances the popularity of the enterprise; on the other hand, it tests the R & D strength of the enterprise, and tests the R & D level of the R & D team, finds the deficiency of R & D management through R & D, and improves the R & D system as much as possible, Promote the enthusiasm and creativity of the R & D team to further play.

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