Why Does Jilin Punching Die Have Burr in Die Industry?


With the all-round development of modern mechanization, more and more people in the mold industry (molds are also called fitters) are facing more and more problems, and the country's environmental protection is also paying more and more attention. To get a good environment, it is necessary to start from the first layer, that is, the quality of mold making is getting higher and higher, but the more problems it faces.

The following is a brief explanation of the burr problem of a single punching die:

single punching die should be the simplest die relatively. The only problem is burr, and other problems are minor problems. There are many reasons for burrs, such as the following: the material of


is the current material, because the material itself will be related to the price you purchase. Of course, there are few burrs when you buy good materials, but this is one of the reasons. If you don't say that if you buy good materials, you won't have burrs. The material of the materials is only one of the reasons for burrs.

2 Gap

There is a certain gap after each material. You need to put the gap according to the thickness of the material you want to drop. This is mainly a matter for the designer. We also need to give him the last level. We don't care about the assembly. In fact, we will replace and repair it in the end.

3 Assembling Extension Die

Of course, this is one of the fitter's most technical skills. We need to make the gap the same size on all sides so that there will be no burrs. This should also be a difficult side. The reason why it is difficult to show the technology is right?

4 Cutting Edge

No matter what similar mold, as long as the cutting edge is not fast or collapses, it will not work, because you will not be able to cut materials. There will be burrs and so on, the most common is these two, so this is one of the main reasons.

This kind of work has skills and coolies, so in general, few people live long or are very proficient. This is the backbone of a factory, so fitters should all belong to logistics in the company.

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