Working principle of slag scraper for automobile wheel rim


Rim Scraper is an automobile wheel rim processing equipment, which is widely used in the automobile industry. What is the working principle of this equipment? Let's take a look together today, and the following is a specific analysis.


The working principle of the rim slag scraper: The motor starts to drive the flywheel to run idly, while the flywheel shaft gears mesh, and the rim to be processed is pressed downward through the rotation of the cam on the transmission shaft. About 20 seconds after the rim is pressed, the traction electromagnet is energized, and the spindle drives the cutter to start scraping slag. After the slag scraping is finished, the drive shaft stops rotating, and one working cycle is over. Only by stepping on the foot switch can the next working cycle be started. The main problems in the operation of the rim scraper are as follows:

, the quality inspection of the parts of the rim scraper is frequently rubbed, and after the cam is worn, the workpiece compression condition will be poor. Even if the manual adjustment is frequent, there will be omissions. Once the adjustment is not immediate or the adjustment is not in place, the rejection rate of the equipment will be greatly increased, if it is serious, there may even be mechanical accidents.

2. When the rim scraper compresses the workpiece, it needs to overcome the pulling force of two large springs and consumes some mechanical energy. However, due to the fatigue period of the spring during the operation of the equipment, the release time of the workpiece will lag behind with the weakening of the spring force, which will lead to the reduction of the working efficiency of the equipment;

3. The rotating key of the rim slag scraper is worn to a certain extent, which directly affects the combination of flywheel and rotating key. If this phenomenon is serious, the slag scraping work cannot be completed.

. The rotating support of the transmission shaft is a copper-based sliding bearing, which often has poor lubrication, which increases the wear between the transmission shaft and the bearing bush. In addition, the matching clearance cannot be adjusted and the lubrication is poor, first, it is easy to produce the phenomenon of shaft and bush gluing. Second, wear to a certain extent will affect the movement accuracy of the transmission shaft, the processing quality will decrease, and the rejection rate will increase.

, manual control lubrication pump needs to lubricate each lubrication part regularly. If some parts of rim scraper are not lubricated in time, there will be leakage at lubrication points, which will waste lubricating oil and pollute the environment.

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