The wide application of rim scraping machine in industry


Rim Slag Scraper is widely used in industry and plays an important role. The following is the relevant introduction of this equipment. Let's get to know it together.


automobile wheel rim slag scraper includes body, flywheel, transmission component, slider body, rim pressing mechanism and lubrication system. Pneumatic clutch is used between flywheel and main shaft. The rim pressing mechanism is mainly composed of air storage tank and cylinder located above the slider body. The piston rod of the slider body and the cylinder is a part of the connection. A safety valve is arranged on the pipeline of compressed air output of the air storage tank, filters and triples. During the operation of the equipment, one way is connected to the upper and lower air chambers of the cylinder through a two-way five-way solenoid valve, and the pipelines are respectively provided with a pressure reducing valve and a quick exhaust valve, and the other way is connected to the pneumatic clutch through a sequence valve and a quick exhaust valve.

rim slag scraper has the advantages of relatively simple structure, low operating cost, high production efficiency, safe and reliable performance, easy operation of the equipment, and convenient maintenance. With these outstanding advantages, rim scrapers are becoming more and more important in the application of the automotive industry.

Jilin Yuxing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in July 2006. It is a wholly-owned private enterprise and a professional manufacturer of special equipment and molds for automobile wheels. Its products include: leveling and punching machine, compound flattening machine, rim slag scraper, spoke spinning machine, tubeless wheel rim rolling machine, tubeless rim slag planing, steel pyramid shrinkage die, large expansion die, tubeless wheel die, rolling line, equipment gear, rim airtight testing machine, spoke numerical control car, auto parts and accessories, special mold research and development design. It ranks among the best in the national automobile wheel special equipment manufacturing industry, and is one of the main production bases of domestic automobile wheel special equipment and molds. If you have rim scrape machine related needs, welcome to consult.

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