Wheel rim slag scraper slider body auxiliary back type device


wheel rim slag scraper plays a very important role in the operation of the equipment. As the name suggests, it is a kind of auxiliary back device of the slider body of the wheel rim slag scraper. The auxiliary equipment belongs to the technical field of mechanical processing. Today we have a specific understanding of the operation principle and related performance of this equipment.


rim scraper is a kind of wheel rim mechanical equipment, which is very important to the normal operation of the equipment. The parts of the auxiliary equipment specifically include rim, slider body, slider body with auxiliary back. The clamp body is fixed on the slider body by screws and nuts. There are screws on one side of the slider body to fasten the clamp body on the auxiliary back of the slider body. When the slider body runs downward, the clamp body clamps the rim, and the T-slot in the slider is not easily broken when the rim rotates.

The above is an analysis of the specific working principle of the auxiliary back device of the slider body of the wheel rim slag scraper. Due to the adoption of the above structure, the installation and debugging of the equipment becomes very convenient, while ensuring the quality of the rim slag scraper, improving the service life of the slider body and the fixture body, and improving work efficiency and economic benefits.

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