Manufacturing method of spoke spinning machine


Spoke Spinning Machine is widely used in the automotive industry. It is a special mechanical equipment suitable for CNC spinning forming of automobile wheel spokes. The equipment is spun once and can produce various wheel spokes. The following is an introduction to the manufacturing method of the spoke spinning machine. Let's take a look.


In the current industrial production, the spoke production is a stamping method, and the related construction process is one-time forming. The operation method is relatively simple and the equipment production efficiency is also high. However, a large press with thousands of tons is required, and the equipment investment is relatively large. Moreover, the weight of the spokes is heavy, the energy consumption is high, the force state of the spokes is not good, and the high-speed car is prone to vibration, which limits the speed of the car. Spoke spinning machine spinning once forming, the product surface quality is good, the size is accurate, the material consumption is relatively small, light weight, low energy consumption.

Spokes formed by spinning method have twice the strength of products formed by stamping method. The main advantages of spoke spinning machine are that the products have variable wall thickness and equal strength, and the spoke has good stress state. The application of related products can ensure that the car does not vibrate when driving at high speed, and can give full play to the performance of the car. As the spinning pressure is only tens of tons, compared with the stamping method, there are thousands of tons of difference, as well as less investment, quick results and other characteristics, spinning spokes will eventually replace the stamping spokes, which is the inevitable development of science and technology.

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