Brief Description of Forming Technology of Spoke Spinning Machine


spoke spinning machine ? The technology of forming a certain shape by rotating the force point from point to line from line to surface, and giving a certain pressure in some direction to deform and flow in that direction. This is a complex process of combination of plastic deformation and flow deformation, not a single strong rotation and ordinary rotation, which is a combination of the two. The following is the introduction of the forming technology of the spoke spinning machine. Let's take a look.


spoke spinning machine, can complete stretching, ribs, closing ports, sealing, flange, crimping and other work. The shapes of normal spinning workpieces are different, all of which are axisymmetric and hollow rotary bodies, so the spoke spinning machine has a wide range of uses and is suitable for forming processes such as equipment shrinkage, expansion, and curling, including overall forming and local forming. The modern spoke spinning machine can meet the different technical requirements of different specifications of the workpiece, spoke spinning machine has played an important role in the industry. The performance advantage of

spoke spinning machine is made by spinning process, which belongs to chip-free processing, light structure, material saving, small moment of inertia, which can achieve the purpose of material saving and energy saving. The production efficiency of the equipment is relatively high, the balance performance is good, and there is no need for special balance treatment under normal circumstances. The process and equipment of the spoke spinning machine is an advanced technology. The equipment solves various technical problems in spinning forming in both theory and practice, and has been successfully used in production to meet the needs of the development of the times. It is very popular in enterprise production.

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