Performance characteristics of spoke spinning machine


Spoke Spinning Machine is suitable for spinning forming of steel and tubeless automobile steel ring spokes. There are two types of spinning forming: ordinary spinning and power spinning. What kind of spinning molding, according to the shape of the parts and process requirements to determine. What are the performance characteristics of the spoke spinning machine? Let's take a look.


1. The main engine of the spoke spinning machine is of vertical structure with good rigidity.
2. The equipment has two-stage spinning of primary rotation and fine rotation, and adopts servo valve control to make the spinning workpiece stable in quality and performance.
3. The rotation of the main shaft is driven by a 132kg watt motor. The speed is stable and the operation is smooth through frequency conversion of frequency converter;
4. The main control system adopts PLC programmable controller and touch screen, which can store 100 sets of mold parameters;
5. Various actions and parameters of the spoke spinning machine can be adjusted and set. By replacing the spinning die, various specifications of automobile spokes can be spun to meet the diversified needs of customers.
6. Spinning spokes change the spoke section thickness due to the spinning process, it can improve the dynamic balance, surface hardness and other process properties of the spokes, while reducing the steel plate material, reducing the cost, and having a high market value. The machine has an advanced and reliable structure and stable performance. For the same material, the spin pressure required for anti-spin molding is large.

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