Operating methods and equipment characteristics of the spoke spinning machine


spoke spinning machine .


spoke spinning machine equipment is easy to operate, easy to learn, the mold is light, without any lifting equipment, can easily complete the mold installation and the entire rotation process. The operation method is to fix the plate on the mold of the spoke spinning machine, place it on the work surface, clamp the rotating mechanism, and start the rotating press. The slab co-rotates, and the roller is fed and pressure is applied to make the slab close to the core. The mold deforms locally point by point, so the local plastic deformation gradually extends to all surfaces of the material, and in the mold, during the rotation, slowly adjust the lifting device, the driving shaft drives the rotary roller concave die to fall slowly and fall while rotating. In order to make the front disc R arc spun by the spoke spinning machine meet the requirements of the drawing, when rotating to a certain extent, the front disc arc surface line inspection template can be used for proofreading until the requirements are met, and various parts can be formed with high efficiency and high quality.

spoke spinning machine equipment greatly reduces processing costs and equipment investment costs. The use of advanced combination of tire, manufacturing, do not need a large number of mold. It can save a lot of money for the operation of the enterprise, save a lot of material resources for making molds, avoid waste, and solve the problems of large hydraulic equipment mold weight, difficult tire change and high processing cost in terms of performance. The product advantages of

spoke spinning machine

include: high smoothness, no deformation, no ellipse, improved prestress of the workpiece, which solves the problems of poor smoothness, large impeller torsion and difficult balance after forming, stable operation, small investment, reliable performance, wide range of equipment use, high production efficiency and continuous forming of the product, which is the ideal choice for the company, the spoke spinning machine is a fundamental breakthrough in spinning processing technology.

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