Process Introduction of Spoke Spinning Machine


Spoke Spinning Machine is a spinning machine equipment that processes sheets into a bowl shape through cold extrusion. The improvement of the spinning head device of the spinning machine has further promoted the development and application of the equipment. Spoke spinning machine equipment is suitable for automobile spoke spinning and forming. The rotating forming spokes have different strength and thickness, and beautiful appearance; it can be widely used for the different needs of the spokes of the inner tube and the tubeless rim.


spoke spinning machine is a composite spinning machine, which has the characteristics of ordinary spinning of flat plates and has the characteristics of strong extrusion. Rotary pressing belongs to cold extrusion molding. The rotating head is applied to the workpiece to deform the circular plate into dishes and spokes. For parts with large deformation, the generated frictional heat and deformation heat are very large, even making the plate dark red locally, while the unextruded area only receives the conduction heat from the high temperature area. After the treatment is completed, it may cause large stresses in the formed parts, affecting the quality of the product.

Spoke Spinning Machine After the workpiece is formed, the product of the spinning head is still kept in uniform frictional contact with the surface of the workpiece, so that the friction heat that can be used to improve the stress in the workpiece is generated twice, and the surface roughness of the workpiece can be improved. The above is the process introduction of the spoke spinning machine equipment, hoping to help you better understand and use the equipment. In the operation process, the relevant operation process of the equipment should be followed to ensure the safe and normal operation of the enterprise. The products of

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