Special mold research and development design: tubeless tire wheel mold products advantages


tubeless wheel mold products are more and more widely used in the automobile industry. tubeless wheels are developed and designed with special mold to cater to the development of modern industry. Today, let's learn about the performance advantages of tubeless wheel mold products.


1. The tubeless wheel mold product has good safety: the inner tube tire will cause friction between the inner tube and the outer tire during the driving of the vehicle, which will generate a lot of heat. If the tire has insufficient heat dissipation The situation is particularly easy to cause a puncture and cause an accident. Tubeless tires have no inner tube, so there is no friction between the inner and outer tires, and can directly dissipate heat through the rim, with good heat dissipation performance, and the probability of tire blowout can be greatly reduced. This is also the reason why tires designed by special molds are popular.

In addition, tubeless tires will leak air when punctured, and the speed is relatively fast, while tubeless tires leak slowly after punctured, because tubeless wheel mold products have an inner liner made of special butyl rubber mixture. In addition, a layer of 2~3mm thick rubber sealing layer specially used for sealing air is attached to the outside of the bead of the tubeless tire, which greatly improves the safety.

2, tubeless wheel mold products have good economy: tubeless tires developed and designed by special molds have no inner tubes, with more reasonable structure, light weight and less resistance after equipment use. Facts have proved that the rolling resistance of tubeless tires is reduced by 10%, which can save fuel by 2% ~ 3%. Tubeless tires have a relatively uniform ground pressure and uniform tire wear, and the service life of the tire is greatly extended.

3. Tubeless wheel mold products have good environmental protection: tubeless tires have a large ground contact area and uniform pressure, low rolling resistance, and relatively less damage to the ground by the tires, which can reduce vehicle exhaust emissions, Play a role in environmental protection in disguise. Tubeless tires do not require inner tubes and cushion belts, reducing material consumption during production and transportation. Tubeless tires developed and designed with special molds have a long service life and reduce environmental pollution caused by a large number of discarded and disposed tires.

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