Special mold R & D design: tubeless wheel mold application in the automotive industry


With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the special mold research and development design industry related to automobile production has also developed rapidly, and various materials and types of automobile production mold have appeared, of which tubeless wheel mold has been favored by people in many mold types due to its high technical content. Today, let's have a brief understanding.

tires are ground-rolling circular elastic rubber products assembled on various vehicles or machinery. They are usually installed on metal rims to support the body, buffer external impacts, achieve contact with the road surface and ensure the driving performance of the vehicle. Tubeless wheel mold products can use complex and harsh conditions, and can withstand various deformations, loads, forces, and high and low temperatures during driving, it has many advantages, including: high load-bearing performance, traction performance, cushioning performance and so on. At the same time, high wear resistance and flex resistance are also required. The production mode of special mold R & D and design is suitable for the production of automobile tires, and the tubeless wheel mold is welcomed by the automobile production industry. The success of the development and design of the special mold for automobile tires directly determines the quality of the tire. The application of tubeless wheel mold can improve the safety of automobiles, and has become the focus of the research on the design and manufacture of automobile molds. The continuous application of tubeless wheel mold also plays an important role in the performance and safety of automobile tires.

With the continuous improvement of technology in the automobile industry, the use of tubeless wheel molds in the industry is becoming more and more common. Tubeless wheels developed, designed and produced by special molds can match the bottom angle of the rim mold groove according to the forming rebound angle of the spoke to achieve perfect fit, increase the effective bonding area between the rim and the spoke, improve the overall strength and safety of the wheel hub, and prolong the service life of the wheel hub.

Jilin Yuxing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is engaged in the research and development and design of special molds for product

, involving: flattening punching machine, compound flattening machine, rim slag scraper, spoke spinning machine, tubeless wheel rim rolling machine, tubeless wheel mold , etc. It ranks among the best in the national automobile wheel special equipment manufacturing industry, and is one of the main production bases of domestic automobile wheel special equipment and molds. If there is relevant mold product demand, welcome to consult and cooperate.

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