How to reduce the noise of equipment gears during operation?


With the continuous advancement of technology and the improvement of market demand, many equipment manufacturing industries install gears in mechanical equipment, making more and more factories begin to produce equipment gear . Gears play an important role in the machinery industry. Let's take a look at how to reduce the noise of equipment gears during operation. The following is a detailed introduction.


When the rotation direction of the gear needs to be changed, the use of spiral bevel gear equipment can help the gear complete the direction conversion. They are usually mounted on shafts that are 90 degrees apart, but can also be designed to work at other angles. The teeth on spiral bevel gears can be straight, helical or hypoid teeth. In fact, the working principle of spiral bevel gears and spur gears is the same. When the teeth mesh, there is an impact between the gears of the equipment.

When the tooth surface of the spiral bevel gear is at a certain angle to the gear parallel to it, it can be called a spiral bevel gear. Helical gears are used in spiral bevel gears to reduce the noise of equipment gears during operation; therefore, spiral bevel gears are more suitable for stable and fast working environments than linear spiral bevel gears, and are also suitable for small equipment.

Due to the unique characteristics of spiral bevel gears, it is used in automobile differentials. Because the ring gear of the differential and the ring gear of the gear are hypoid gears, the pinion can be installed near the axis of the ring gear. Since the car's differential is connected to the pinion, the car changes according to the working conditions of the pinion; this means that the drive shaft does not intrude too much into the passenger compartment of the car, thereby providing more space for people and cargo space.
The above is the introduction of how equipment gears reduce noise during operation. I hope to help everyone better understand and use equipment gear .

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