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equipment gear production technology. At the same time, the level of steel smelting technology in China is also constantly improving. The use of advanced smelting technologies such as ladle secondary smelting and composition fine-tuning, continuous casting and rolling enable steel mills to produce high-purity gears and gears with narrow hardenability. The use of steel to achieve the localization of imported automotive equipment gear steel, so that China's gear steel production to a new level. The nickel-containing high-hardness steel for household heavy-duty automobile gears suitable for my country's national conditions has also been applied, and good results have been achieved. The heat treatment technology of


automobile equipment gears has also developed from well-type gas carburizing protection to the current widespread use of computer-controlled continuous gas carburizing automatic lines and box-type multi-purpose furnaces and automatic production lines, gear carburizing pre-oxidation treatment technology, gear quenching control cooling technology, gear forging blank isothermal normalizing technology, etc. The use of these technologies can not only effectively control the carburizing and quenching deformation of equipment gears, improve the accuracy of equipment gear processing, extend the service life, but also meet the needs of mass production.

The life of automobile

equipment gear

is mainly evaluated by two main indicators, one is the contact fatigue strength of the equipment gear, and the other is the bending fatigue strength of the equipment gear. The former is mainly determined by the quality of carburizing and quenching, and the latter is mainly determined by the gear material. Therefore, it is necessary to have a more comprehensive understanding of the requirements, performance and heat treatment characteristics of carburized steel for automotive gears.

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