Repair of automobile steel ring deformation


automobile steel ring is mainly to solve two problems, one of which is indispensable and complementary:

1. automobile steel ring shape repair. Usually the damage of automobile steel rings is caused by external force, such as wear, fracture, notch, depression, distortion, deformation, etc. When repairing the automobile steel ring, the aluminum alloy professional technology and tools are applied to correct and repair various types of automobile steel ring damage and other problems without destroying the molecular structure and mechanical properties of the aluminum alloy. The current situation that the deformation, distortion and fracture of the automobile steel ring cannot be repaired in the past is improved.

2. the surface renovation of the automobile steel ring. If you can only repair the shape of the car steel ring, but not the surface of the car steel ring, the car steel ring repair also loses the meaning of repair.

car steel ring surface can be divided into four categories, namely: paint surface, polishing surface, CNC (CNC) surface and electroplating surface. The surface of the refurbished automobile steel ring, both in appearance and hardness, can meet OEM quality requirements. In the past, due to the special treatment process of automobile steel ring surface, such as CNC treatment, electroplating surface and other scratches, scratches, etc. can not be repaired have become history.

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