Screw air compressor commonly used terms, how much do you know


With the popularity of screw air compressors, users' demand for screw air compressor equipment is also getting higher and higher, but there are still many problems that are not well understood. Many users also know very little about the common terms of screw air compressors. Today, I will give you a brief introduction, Spoke Spinning Machine

1, Pressure

The discharge pressure usually given on the compressor nameplate is the gauge pressure.

commonly used pressure units: bar, MPa, air compressor industry said "kg" refers to "bar", that is, 1kg refers to 1bar,1MPa (MPa) = 1000kPa (kPa),1bar (bar) = 0.1MPa.

2, pressure dew point

means that the gas with a certain pressure is cooled to a certain temperature, and the unsaturated water vapor contained in it becomes saturated water vapor and is precipitated. This temperature is the pressure dew point of the gas. Atmospheric dew point refers to the temperature at which the gas is cooled to the temperature at which the unsaturated water vapor contained in the gas is converted into saturated water vapor under standard atmospheric pressure. In the air compressor industry, the dew point indicates the degree of drying of the gas.

3 and volume flow

are also called displacement or nameplate flow in China. The volume of gas discharged by the air compressor per unit time is converted to the intake state, that is, the volume of suction. According to national standards, the actual displacement of the air compressor is qualified when it is 5% of the nominal flow. Common units m³/min, L/s.

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