China becomes Germany's fourth largest export market


According to the "Financial Times" German website, benefiting from China's economic prosperity, German exports to China have grown rapidly. Since exports are the main driving force of German economic growth, a large part of German economic growth should be attributed to China. The authoritative research institution Ifo Economic Research Institute recently announced that China has become Germany's fourth largest export market for goods, behind France, the Netherlands and the United States, ranking three places ahead of 2010. In 2012, China will become Germany's second largest export market. The growth of German exports to China mainly came from products such as computers, machinery and automobiles, and the export of some products increased by more than 30%. German machinery and equipment enterprises have become the beneficiaries of China's huge investment in fixed assets. China's per capita income has increased significantly, and the level of consumption has continued to increase, which has strongly boosted Germany's auto exports.

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