Introduction of noise generation of injection molding machine


It is reported that abnormal noise is generated, indicating that parts are damaged or improperly adjusted, and the cause should be found out according to the location of the noise for immediate maintenance.

1. Insufficient hydraulic oil in the oil tank, air intake by the oil pump or dirt blockage of the oil filter will cause the oil pump to run out of oil, causing bubbles in the oil to discharge and hit the blades and generate noise. The solution is to check the oil volume. Prevent air inhalation and clean the oil filter.

2. The hydraulic oil has high viscosity and increases flow resistance. It needs to be replaced with suitable hydraulic oil.

3. Due to the damage of the bearings or blades of the oil pump or motor, the concentricity deviation of the coupling causes noise, and the concentricity must be adjusted or parts must be replaced. 4, the direction of the valve response failure but the function is still, such as valve core wear, internal leakage, burr blocking, mobile inflexible, solenoid valve due to insufficient current failure will also produce noise. The solution is to clean the valve core, the valve core wear must be replaced with new parts, and the current must be stable and sufficient.

5. Noise is generated when hydraulic oil flows at high speed due to damage to hydraulic components or blockage of oil pipelines.

6, mechanical part failure, bearing wear or mechanical lack of lubricating oil or loose parts, should find out the reason to tighten or replace the parts,

to ensure that there is enough lubricating oil.

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