Analysis of Jilin punching die hard material efficient processing know-how


Challenge: How to become a more competitive supplier of Jilin punching dies.

Solution: Take advantage of every opportunity to reduce the processing time of mold parts.

Stamping dies used for processing metal plates account for a large part of the dies, and most of the stamping dies are used in the automotive industry.

The automotive industry and mold manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for the production efficiency of stamping molds. Because Jilin punching molds have a large number of processing operations, they have the potential to improve efficiency. Stamping die is a complex stamping tool. Many parts need hard and durable materials, and the efficient processing of these materials requires the correct cutting tools and processes. However, most of the processing operations in the production of stamping dies are only general metal cutting of basic materials, and a small amount of processing operations are more complex tool steel and ductile iron three-dimensional profiling processing. Although both of these processing methods have the potential to increase productivity, stamping die manufacturers often ignore general processing.

In the past few years, metal cutting ability and performance have been significantly improved, and the processing time and cost of many mold factories have been reduced by half. However, even with state-of-the-art production technologies, there is still room to improve production and even increase processing efficiency by up to 20%.

To become a successful automotive stamping die manufacturer, you need to adopt a long-term strategy, focusing on the processing time of the die parts on the machine tool and the standby time of the machine tool, as well as the type of machine tool. However, there are a large number of short-term strategies that can have a direct effect on old and new machine tools. These strategies exist in all types of machining processes, and some of them also affect subsequent operations, such as additional operations, mold polishing and assembly.

By shortening the processing time of each clamping, reducing downtime and the number of tool changes, the manufacturing time of the stamping die can be shortened. The safety of modern CNC machining methods, coupled with the most advanced cutting tools, basically eliminates errors, so whether the delivery cycle of Jilin punching die can be accepted by users should be the decisive factor.

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