Introduction to annealing for mold making


annealing includes spheroidizing annealing after forging and stress relief annealing in the process of mold making. Its main purpose: to improve the crystalline structure in the raw material stage, to facilitate processing and reduce hardness, to prevent deformation and quenching cracks after processing and to remove internal stress.

1) spheroidizing annealing. Die steel after forging, the internal structure of the steel into unstable crystallization, high hardness cutting difficulties, and this state of the steel, internal stress, easy deformation and quenching after processing, poor mechanical properties, in order to make the carbide crystallization into a stable spheroidizing organization must be spheroidizing annealing.

2) Stress relief annealing. Mechanical processing of die steel with residual stress will produce deformation after processing. If there is still stress after mechanical processing, great deformation or quenching crack will occur during quenching. In order to prevent these problems, stress relief annealing must be performed.

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