Yuxing Machinery: Electrolytic Grinding and Polishing of Mold


Today it is learned that "opportunities, two characteristics: time-limited-it is fleeting; common-within a certain range, opportunities are not unique to you. Therefore, we must be good at thinking about changes, acting quickly, and taking the initiative. Such opportunities must not be let go." Zhang Jiamin said. In such a severe form, Huangyan mold entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity to face the difficulties, began to change.

Make high-end molds and avoid competitors. Saihao Industrial clearly thought to give up low-end users, specializing in high-end car bumpers and lamp molds, matching products with internationally famous brands such as BMW, Renault, Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Toyota, etc. The result of being a high-end customer is that it can compete with itself. The number of competitors is greatly reduced, competition is avoided, and advantages are reflected. "Our products have begun to move from low-end to high-end products, such as high-end home appliance molds, LCD TV product molds, etc., for research and development and design." Tao Yonghua said.

relies on characteristic technology to develop characteristic products. Jingcheng Mould specializes in extrusion moulds for plastic plates, sheets, films, etc. This kind of mould enterprise is the only one in Huangyan and has more than 20 patents. Has been working with large international companies to do high-end mold Kaihua mold began to enter the precision small mold. "Do precision small molds, high technical content, high added value, and others do not compete, very advantageous. Now, every day, the company has four or five batches of customers from France, Italy and other countries, to place orders with us, or talk with us about precision mold cooperation matters." Liang Zhenghua said.

enterprises in action, Huangyan industry and commerce, the government and so on are not to be outdone. A China Mould Expo Center, which integrates display, testing, research and development, training and information, covering an area of about 190 mu, is preparing to start construction to accelerate the agglomeration of Huangyan mould industry and supporting industries.

In order to help enterprises correctly grasp the situation and deal with the crisis, Huangyan Industry and Commerce has carried out a scientific development view into private enterprises-the "Spring Warm-up Action for 100 Enterprises". 100 industrial and commercial cadres have visited and investigated the front line of enterprises to solve problems. The bureau also compiled, printed and issued materials and documents such as the "Practical Guide for Private Enterprise Entrepreneurship in Special Periods" and "20 Opinions on Giving Full Play to Industrial and Commercial Functions to Promote the Stable and Rapid Development of Enterprises in the Region" to provide entrepreneurs with decision-making references.

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