Automobile price war brings more opportunities for domestic mold


At present, the production and sales of domestic automobile products show rapid growth. The reporter recently learned from Zhu Yiping of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers that automobile production and sales in November increased significantly compared with the previous month. From the perspective of production, the growth rate of cars is the most obvious; from the perspective of sales, the growth rate of passenger cars ranks first, and cars rank second. From January to November, the cumulative production and sales of automobiles were 4.6658 million and 4.5833 million, up 16.2 per cent and 16.8 per cent respectively over the same period last year. According to statistics, the top five auto companies selling in November were FAW 102400, SAIC 68500, Chang 'an 56300, BAIC 48600 and Dongfeng 40600. Zhu Yiping said that the national automobile production and sales in November rebounded significantly from October, and the sales volume continued to exceed the output. This will help automobile manufacturers reduce inventory pressure and take a step towards sales targets. Professionals believe that based on the current statistical data analysis, it is not a problem for both production and sales to exceed 5 million vehicles this year. In automobile production, more than 90% of the parts, including the outer body, engine, interior, etc., need to rely on mold forming. It takes about 1000 sets of stamping dies and more than 200 interior trim dies to make an ordinary car. One car model needs to make more than 1200 sets of moulds. 50 models means that at least 60000 molds need to be processed. In May 2004, at the China International Mould Development Forum held in Shanghai, Chu Kexin, general manager of FAW Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd., once said, "the development of the automobile industry has brought a great market for the mold industry." at the same time, it also brings opportunities and challenges." At present, the rapid development of China's automobile industry is undoubtedly good news for the automobile mold industry, which is known as the "mother of the automobile industry. In the United States, Japan and other countries with developed automobile manufacturing industry, more than 50% of the products in the mold industry are automobile molds. In our country, only 1/3 of the mold products are in service for the automobile manufacturing industry, and there is still much room for development. With the intensification of the automobile price reduction war, domestic automobile enterprises in order to reduce the cost of automobile production, more and more tend to mold localization. In addition, more and more Chinese auto companies have formed the ability to develop their own cars. In order to meet the customer's pursuit of automotive product diversity, personalized will, is bound to have more models come out. However, due to the low technical content of domestic molds and the small proportion of high-end molds, 80% of the molds covered by domestic cars rely on imports. Chu Kexin (left) believes that the top priority of China's mold industry is to vigorously improve the technical level of the mold industry, pursue high precision, high efficiency, and low cost, serve the localization of Chinese automobiles, and find a breakthrough for the development of China's mold industry. Fang He, general manager of Yuejin Automobile Group Nanjing Mould Equipment Co., Ltd., said in an interview with reporters recently that "China's automobile industry is reshuffling, but the mold industry is developing rapidly".

Fang He said that compared with foreign countries, our gap is in "accuracy. This "precision" is not only technically, but also conceptually. For example, how to make a piece of steel after stamping and stretching, the dimensional accuracy of the product, material deformation, springback, rigidity, etc. can achieve good quality, which is still difficult for us to achieve technically. Compared with some auto parts made locally by Shanghai GM Volkswagen and other companies, laymen can recognize them at a glance. That's the precision. The traditional Chinese concept of only "will" not "pay attention to" production technology, in the modern automobile manufacturing industry is facing great challenges. At the same time, Fang He said that the country's new automobile industry policy has put molds in the forefront and will become a key industry for development in the next few years. If this is compared to a shot in the arm, there is also a shot in the arm, that is, the entry of a large number of foreign automobile manufacturers, in order to reduce costs and to purchase locally. And domestic cars to reduce costs, mold localization is its primary guarantee. This has brought unprecedented opportunities for the development of China's automobile mold industry.

In addition, with the development of lightweight products such as vehicles and motors, the proportion of die-casting molds will continue to increase. At the same time, the life and complexity of die-casting molds will also be put forward higher and higher requirements; the process of substituting plastic for steel and plastic for wood will be further accelerated, and the proportion of plastic molds will continue to increase. Due to the continuous improvement of the complexity and accuracy of mechanical parts, the requirements for plastic molds are getting higher and higher. At the same time, the technical content of the mold will continue to improve. It is understood that domestic mold enterprises are actively increasing their investment in software and hardware such as high-tech, advanced equipment and senior talents. Some enterprises have reached the international advanced level and have certain competition. Chery QQ in the current market is the product of mold localization: Tianjin Automobile Mould Co., Ltd. is responsible for the manufacture of its four-door and one-top mold, FAW Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. undertook the manufacture of its 65 kinds of 99 pieces of covering parts.

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